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Dark Fantasy is a forum-wide roleplay on the Wings of Fire forums.

After being abducted by beastly demons from their home world, the forumers of the WoFMB have escaped the demon's stronghold only to find themselves lost on a strange new continent. The forumers decide to split into four clans: Jadeus, Agateria, Citrinian, and Quarzi, and settle into their own seperate base camps. While the four clans seach for a way to return to their home, the demon army is still on the loose, and the threat of an attack on the forumers is always a possibility. Dark Fantasy is a game of survival.

Before You Edit...Edit

Please take a look at the rules (Chat, discussion, editing) and the consequences for breaking those rules!

If you are creating a page with the same name as a generation one page, add an asterisk (*) to the title.


Here are the categories used on pages.

"Quarzi" for Quarzi members. "Jadeus" for Jadeus members. "Citrinian" for Citrinian members. "Agateria" for Agateria members.

"Clan" for the four clan pages. "Mechanics" for things that determine how the roleplay works. "Battle" for the battles that occur.

"Forumer" for all the forumers. "Chief" for the four clans' chiefs. "Non-forumer" for any non-forumer character.

Any page from the first generation should have the "Generation One" category - as of now, no pages should be added to this category! However, all new pages should receive the category "Generation Two".

There are also categories for each class.

Do not use any other categories!

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